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Pottery Making DVD

This informative ninety minute DVD video takes the viewer behind the wheel for a test drive at throwing pottery . Cindy Clarke demonstrates the techniques involved in making pottery beginning with wedging clay, what tools are required, and then on to centering and opening, throwing and finally trimming a cylinder, a vase, a bowl and a plate. Multiple camera angles and cutaways make every step easily understandable. ORDER!

Welcome to our pottery studio.

Pottery made by Cindy Clarke and Jim Willett in their Canadian studio has delighted clients around the world for many years.We are now located in the Village of Coutts Alberta and are continuing to work with clay in our studio located in the historic Coutts Village School. Based on the belief by Cindy, a potter for over thirty-five years, that good stoneware pottery should be used, not just set up on a shelf to be another dust collecting ornament, every piece is finished so edges are chip resistant, pot bottoms are trimmed with a "foot" for appearance and sanded smooth to protect your table, and the handcrafted pottery is thrown heavily enough to stand up to years of day to day usage. All the pottery has been designed to be a quality product which will stand the test of time. All of our handcrafted stoneware pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Here on our web site you will find examples of stoneware items which have been produced by Cindy and Jim over the years. Custom pottery is available by commission. Many pieces are in stock on a first come first served basis. Pottery making DVDs are available for purchase through the website as is the "Perfect Profile" throwing rib.

We have several pieces in stock and available now in "Prairies" glaze.

Stoneware pottery bowl in Prairies glaze

Phone for more information toll free 1-855-218-9974.

Stoneware Face Jugs

Face Jugs!!


Basket handled tea set with legs!




Follow the Adventures of The Clay Teacher at and the video blog on YouTube®

The Clay Teacher

Cindy Clarke at the potter's wheel

Cindy Clarke...

Every day is Clay Day!

The Clay teacher character

Cindy is "The Clay Teacher" and takes her wheel and handbuilding skills to classrooms throughout Alberta. For more information visit

Cindy offers a step by step look at how we make pottery with large full colour photos and streaming video on our site

See Cindy on YouTube.

Read The Clay Teacher blog!

Jim's daughter Wendi Nordell is an accomplished artist living in Grande Prarie Alberta. Visit her site! Flit the Sprite by Wendi

Jim's daughter Keisha Patenaude owns and operates "Creative Endz" in Edson Alberta. Visit her site!

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